How to inoculate our sterilized spawn bags that do not have injection ports

How to inoculate our sterilized rye berries, grain spawn and BRF bags

If you want a self healing injector port on your bag please click here first.

This is the correct procedure for inoculation of our sterilized rye grain spawn and BRF bags.

Once you are ready to inoculate our rye bags with your gourmet edible mushroom spores you need to do a check of supplies you will need.

  • Gourmet edible mushroom spore syringe or liquid culture
  • Sterilized rye berries
  • Powder free exam gloves
  • Surgical mask
  • alcohol lamp and or a lighter
  • Disinfectant spray (Lysol)
  • Alcohol pad or equivalent
  • Some tape to cover inoculation hole (packing tape works well although other kinds of tape will work)


Once you have gathered up all of your supplies you can begin. Make sure the room you are working in has very still air. No heat or air conditioner blowing air around. Start by cleaning your work area. Wipe down the table and so forth. After you have your work area prepared, spray the air in the room you are working in with the disinfectant spray. Don't be afraid to use a liberal amount.

Make sure your hands are clean and put on the rubber gloves and mask.

Prepare Your Grain Bag

Look for the small piece of white tape on the bag just above the grains. This will be your inoculation point. Gently clean the inoculation point with your alcohol pad.


Now you need to gently inflate the bag so you do not poke the needle through the back side of the spawn bag. You can achieve this by gently pulling the gussets on the bag apart.

This will draw some air into the bag through the filter patch.

Now you are ready to inoculate your bag

You must flame sterilize your needle before inoculation. You must do this every time you inoculate an individual bag. We used an alcohol lamp for this demonstration, but you can also use another source of flame. If you use a candle or lighter there will be some black residue on the needle. Simply wipe it with your alcohol pad.

Let the needle cool briefly or cool it with your alcohol pad. Now it is time to inoculate the bag. Gently push the needle through the inoculation point on the bag.

Gently depress the plunger on the syringe. Use 2-4 cc of spore solution per one pound bag. If you are using a liquid culture you can use up to 6 cc per one pound bag.

Now you must swiftly cover the inoculation hole with your tape as you withdraw your needle.

Press the tape firmly over the inoculation hole

There you have it. The correct procedure for inoculating OutGrow®'s sterilized grain bags.

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